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Product Information

Product Information

How to use Benoquin

To Get Noticeable Results Buy Sufficient Quanity(minimum 4Tubes)of Benoquin 20% Cream (High Quality). 1 Tubes is not a sufficient quantity to get result as its only for Laboratory test to check purity.

Benoquin 20% Cream High Quality is only available at Fairnglow.com and Other websites are selling only Benoquin 20% Cream Low Quality at the price of High Quality.

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Monobenzone - Benoquin

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How Benoquin works on Your Skin  


The uneven discoloration caused by vitiligo can be embarrassing, especially when it occurs on your face. If you find yourself suffering from the uneven skin tone of vitiligo, your doctor can prescribe a safe and effective treatment regimen using the powerful cream benoquin.


This cream is almost non dissolvable in water. You can get wet or perspire and it will still continue to work its magic.


Benoquin works by bleaching the skin around the area afflicted by vitiligo. The idea is to lighten your normal skin to the point that it matches your abnormal skin. This will cause your skin to be much whiter than it is now. However, if you value evenness over blotches, then benoquin is a welcome tool?


The cream should be used according to the instructions on the box as well as the personalized instructions that your doctor gave you:


·         Rub thin layer onto your unaffected skin two or three times a day.

·         During treatment, be sure to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible.

·         Your treatment will continue for about four months.

·         Maintain your results by reapplying as needed twice a week.


Because the cream actually bleaches the skin many shades, you should never use it for minor skin lightening of scars, freckles, skin damage, or any other problem that is not caused by vitiligo. Also make sure you and your doctor know that you are not allergic to monobenzone, one of the main ingredients in the cream.


As you see your skin begin to improve, you may be tempted to stop either the treatment or your avoidance of the sun. However, you should continue for as long as you and your doctor have planned. You will achieve best results only if you continue treatment.


Vitiligo affects people of all races and skin tones. It is an unpredictable disease, sometimes occurring only in places under the clothing and other times turning up right on your face. It may even lighten the eyes and hair. To lessen or eliminate its appearance on your skin, treatment with the cream is best advised.


Why the need for benoquin  

People require the powerful bleaching cream benoquin for a number of reasons. All of these reasons however come from the fact that the patient has Vitiligo, a disease causing the skin to lose pigmentation in blotches.


Vitiligo on the face

When your blotches show up in really noticeable places such as your face, you may rush to the doctor to begin treatment. Your doctor will make sure you are not allergic to monobenzone, one of the key ingredients in benoquin. Then he will prescribe an attack plan that is right for you. Once you see that your face is being affected by the disease, you may want to solve that problem once and for all. Your doctor will explain how you will likely have to continue reapplying the cream twice a week or so after you have initially achieved the right color.


Vitiligo spreading rapidly

Vitiligo does not always move around the body's surface so quickly. At times it may just appear as a strange spot on your back or elsewhere. Once it begins to spread however, you may decide that the time for action has come. Your doctor will let you know how safe widespread use of the cream is. It is also up to you whether you want to leave some parts of your body untreated. However, many people like to attempt to treat their whole bodies just so that they appear evenly colored as often as possible.


Maintain your new color  

Even though the cream is completely permanent, it will fade a somewhat over time. To make sure the rest of your skin keeps up with the color of your Vitiligo spots, you will likely reapply as needed. Sometimes this can be as often as twice a week. Whenever you are using this cream, you must be extremely wary of too much sunlight. Be sure to use sunblock and clothing that covers your entire body. Your skin will be extra sensitive to sunlight when you are using this cream.

Learn more about what you can do about your vitiligo and how benoquin will work for you. Speak to your doctor about how often you should use the cream and when you can expect results.


When not to use benoquin  

Benoquin is a heavy-duty medical cream used only for treatment of Vitiligo. It should be applied on normal skin surrounding the colorless patches of the Vitiligo. However, there are a number of ways in which someone should NOT use benoquin.


·         freckles

·         scarring

·         age spots

·         sunspots

·         stretch marks


Because benoquin is more than a mere cosmetic bleach, it could cause you some skin damage if you do not actually have Vitiligo. The cream is not mild, but very powerful, causing permanent bleaching of the skin. While it is true the bleaching fades over time if you do not reapply your cream, your skin will not go back to normal. Therefore you should only use benoquin if you actually have Vitiligo.


Since you do have Vitiligo, how can you use your new cream safely? Be sure that you are not allergic to monobenzone, one of the main active ingredients in the cream. Also be sure that you are using it as prescribed. Your doctor will likely suggest that you put a thin layer over your unbleached skin two-three times daily. After about four months, the cream will have taken full effect.


Make sure you do not hang out in the sun without proper protection. This cream makes your skin especially sensitive to sunlight. Wear powerful sun screen and try to cover up most or all of your skin with clothing. If you are only treating one area, then of course you only have to cover up that area.


Remember that creams treating Vitiligo are not curing the disease, but simply making it invisible or less visible to you when you look in the mirror. Creams are a treatment, not a cure. However, you can expect amazing results when you apply the cream as directed over a long period of time.


Ways to Depigmentation or Lightness

1. Monobenzone Benoquin available in cream form

2. Kojic Acid Available in Soap, Cream and Lotion Form 

3. Hydroquinone Available in Cream Form

4. Azelaic Acid Available in cream and lotion form

Monobenzone Benoquin is an outstanding skin lightener and has proven to be effective in treating vitiligo and decreasing melanin. The skin lightener works by decreasing the metabolism of melanocytes and this will result in treating vitiligo permanently. There is not any other skin lightener that has proven to be this effective till now.

Treatments of Vitiligo:

1 Depigmentation(MonobenzoneHydroquinoneAzelaic Acid)

2 Repigmentation (Trioxsalen Topical sodium)
Even though Monobenzone Benoquin cream is an extremely safe cream to use, this does not mean that it is not sold by several fake online website. We are currently the only online company that sells pure Monobenzone Benoquin without any additions. We also instruct our customers how to use them because many people end up using it as a skin whitening cream improperly. Even if you aren’t going to purchase it from us, you should ensure that the website you are making the purchase from is credible. Remember, you are trying to cure vitiligo by using pure Monobenzone cream and not wasting your time or money.

People have not vitiligo Use Monobenzone Benoquin cream for:


2. Skin Lightening

Concentration more than Benoquin 20% results in white patches, Vitiligo etc. And also when application of Monobenzone remain un-uniformly, the part on which application of drug remain extra will become extra white and where application remain less that part will remain darks. So mostly we found complaints of white patch. and Also due to extra usage it gives white patches. As we know medicine has some advantage and disadvantages. Just watch what are disadvantages and how they are coming. As we apply Monobenzone 20 % cream on skin it gives irritating and itching sensation, Try to start from low dose and see whether it suits user's skin, Try to apply Monobenzone Cream uniformly. If after uniform application still in result it shows white patches on skin, Do not use Cream on white patches till it mix with rest of area. 

How to use Monobenzone cream 20% Benoquin ointment?


1. First Mix Benoquin 20% Cream in almost half amount of Olive Oil. Mixing with olive oil reduce the dryness caused with Benoquin cream.

2. Now Place mixture Benoquin 20% cream in air tight jar with temperature range 15-30 Degree Celsius.

3. Wash dark affected area or whole body with soap.


4. Immediately after bath, Apply a thin layer of Benoquin cream wet skin.


5. Apply Benoquin cream 3 times a day on affected area for minimum 2 Months to see noticeable results.


6. Initially Benoquin 20% Cream gives sometime irritation, burning sensation, redness and dryness, and peeling or cracking of the skin but differs from person to person. If all this continously appear after usage of 4 days then consult your doctor.


7. You can also use Benoquin 20% cream alone without mixing with olive oil as your doctor advise.


8. Avoid other skin cream and lotion during the treatment of Benoquin 20% Cream or consult your doctor.


9. Benoquin 20% Cream High Quality By fairnglow is best product for depigmentation treatment.
Our main aim here is to depig the vitiligo patients and we want your contribution in the form of Donation so that we can help vitiligo patients with new techniques.)