5 applications to calculate the level of alcohol in blood

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The DGT has toughened the penalties for drivers who drink earlier than taking the automotive. On some events it is going to even be unattainable to drink any quantity of alcohol after which drive again. So despite the fact that it’s best to not drink somethingIf we have been consuming for some time however aren’t certain if we might check constructive or not, we are able to use apps to roughly estimate our blood alcohol focus.

make it clear that these functions use calculation algorithms that are based mostly on information akin to intercourse, weight or age and the kind of alcohol we drink. These should not calculations like these made by an ancoholometer, so take the figures with warning.

Drink Tracker

The primary utility has varied features. We are able to calculate the extent of alcohol within the blood, but in addition preserve a document of the drinks, in case we’re not exceeding a lot on an ongoing foundation.

It even tells you ways lengthy you must wait relying on what you’ve got drunk for the impact to put on off.

Blood Alcohol Calculator

The second utility focuses extra on aesthetics, being extra comfy to see the graphics and the kind of drink when getting into them.

We are able to see on the graph once we are beneath the authorized restrict to drive.



Esta aplicación es una de las más actuales, y permite usar zonas geográficas diferentes, lo que la hace especialmente útil en Europa.

Alcohol Verify

Esta app es muy easy, y quizás la más adecuada si solo queremos calcular de forma rápida nuestro BAC (porcentaje de alcohol en sangre). Nos pide el peso, sexo y momento de empezar a beber, además de las bebidas ingeridas, claro.

Blood Calculator


La última aplicación también es muy sencilla, y a la cifra de cálculo del BAC suma posibles síntomas que podemos tener en función de lo que hayamos bebido. Además, podemos crear diferentes usuarios con diferentes métricas.